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From Mild To Wild & Beyond...

Welcome to our little corner of the internet! Here, you will NOT find over exagerated amperage ratings... You will NOT see false or misleading bench tests... You will NOT be given incorrect information... Here you will simply get a true rated reliable product made by the knowledgeable staff of an actual alternator manufacturer.



Need more current? You are in the right place! Our Alternators are designed and manufactured BY US, Iraggi Alternator is an actual High Output Alternator MANUFACTURER, not a rebuilder selling flea market grade alternators from china like many others are.

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Multi-Alternator Kits


One alternator not enough for you?! Not a problem... We design, machine and fabricate our own Multi-Alt Kits! From Dual Kits all the way up to 6 Alternator Kits. (Due to competitors stealing our designs for thier own use, kits can only be purchased with alternators.)

In our Kit Online Store Section you can see what opions are available for your application.

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Repair Other Brands


Does your alternator not put out what the "other" guys claim it does?! Tired of popsicle sticks inside your alternator causing a fire hazzard?! We can rebuild it for you! Bigger.... Better... Stronger... More Reliable... More Power...

We have repaired & upgraded all brands of alternators, and we leave the popsicle sticks to the kids!

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Quotes From The Mad Scientist


Voltage is the illusion of having power.


Iraggi Alternator  2014


Why buy an alternator from a plumber (aka "Rebuilder") when you can purchase from a Professional who DESIGNS & BUILDS his own alternators.


Iraggi Alternator  2014


Voltage cant do anything but talk without the muscle of current.


Iraggi Alternator  May 05, 2014

Are you tired of squealing pulleys??? Are you tired of fake voltage??? Are you tired of squealing pulleys??? Are you tired of squealing pulleys??? Yes, are you tired of squealing pulleys and popsicle sticks in your alternator(s)??? Come see Iraggi Alternator and hear the difference.
<<<<no popsicle sticks were harmed in the making of your new Iraggi Alternator>>>

Iraggi Alternator  April 21, 2014

Curious to what the benefits of running an Iraggi are?!

Here's what to expect when you go with Iraggi; 

  • Custom Built High Output Alternators
  • Current Technology - We leave the old external regulators in the junk yards where they belong. (More information regarding this in the FAQ section)
  • No "Special" bedliner "Anti-slip" coating needed on our pulleys.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against Mechanical Failure.
  • Comprehensive professional support. (No hair-brained advice given)
  • No swollen oversized useless nuts & studs to distract you from the quality of our alternators. We concentrate on the parts that matter, no smoke and mirrors needed with our alterators! (More information regarding this in the FAQ section)
  • Straight forward customer service. No smoke, no bull... (That's how we roll!)

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